Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I would just like to share that I took my last final this morning. I am done with college, done with nursing school.


Thank you all SO much for your 4 years of prayer and support in this journey. God has blessed me so abundantly these past 4 years through you; I cannot imagine going through nursing school without such amazing parents and family. I can't wait to celebrate graduation with you all!

Friday, April 30, 2010


It's wedding time! A few friends are getting married after graduation, and my close friend Kelsie is among them! She is getting married in July, and I couldn't be happier for her. I had a great time celebrating with friends the soon-to-be Mrs. Josh Saefkow.

Kelsie was my roommate freshman year and has been a great friend and study partner throughout nursing school :)

Congratulations Kelsie!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekends With The Cousins

A few weekends ago, Katie came down with Mom and Aunt Becki for a visit (during the time of the rat) and tour of the nursing department! We had lots of fun walking around campus and Katie was able to come to some classes with me. Thursday we went to my Bio Medical Ethics class and learned about abortion issues. Friday, we went to my Advanced Critical Care class and Katie was able to go through an assessment of a trauma victim with chemical burns and a big piece of wood impaled in her chest, then got to run a code with us and do chest compressions and bag mask ventilations. She had a great time, and I was glad to have her hang out with me!

Here's Katie learning how to prime an IV line and hook it up into the IV pump. Aunt Becki had just said, "Look! She flicks the tube just like a nurse!". Ha ha! How did she know there's a special flicking motion that you learn in nursing school?

Our OB/Neonate ICU simulation lab: the babies here can have pulses, become hypoxic (lack of oxygen, and you can see their lips turn blue), and you can see the umbilical cord's 2 arteries and 1 vein. See the placenta at the bottom right corner?

Kaie got to learn how to manage and take out an IV. She would love to tell you everything you would like to know about it, so just ask her next time you see her!

Here is a special device used to illuminate the veins when you can't see them to put in an IV. All the dark lines here are Katie's veins in her elbow. She has a nice juicy one there in the middle:

Last weekend, Mom, Matt, Bryce, and Brandon came to visit! Brandon wants to be a veterinarian, so we took a tour of the anatomy department and nursing lab and then went out to spend some time with the animals of Lynchburg.

We went to the Virginia Safari Park. It's a zoo filled with all sorts of animals from around the world, and they just roam around in open fields that you can drive through.

We were able to feed the animals through the windows, but most importantly, Brandon was able to see how he would be able to handle caring for the gentle creatures of this earth.

First, he put himself in the hooves of the animals he would be caring for:

Then, he practiced his technique on Bryce, who was a healthy, spry 16 year old eager for the experience:

Then it was off to the field, where he could truly practice his assessment, diagnostic, planning, implementation, and evaluation skills:

"Do you think I'm white with black stripes? Or black with white stripes?"

("C'mere little buddy! Lemme see ya!")

("How're you feeling today?")

"I've been better. Can you see me from back there? Do you want me to say 'Aaah' or anything?"

"Are you the doc? I've got this weird green stuff coming up when I sneeze ...."

"Well, someone told me my tongue was purple."

He's a natural.

In all seriousness, Brandon really loved the animals, and he'll be a fantastic Vet! He wasn't afraid to call any of the animals over with a "Hey, little buddy!", and he didn't mind getting sneezed on by an Eland!

Matt and Brandon after getting sneezed on:
Bryce had a good time with the animals too!

This moment was special. This little guy had bad breath, but just wanted something to eat! I guess Bryce couldn't make it as a doctor; you're not supposed to show your true feelings on your face for the patient to read.

I even think Matt enjoyed himself. Here he is challenging what he called "The Alpha Male", who stood by the side of the road and waited for people to stick out their bucket full of feed. This animal would take a few gentle nibbles, then his eyes would get big and his pupils would dilate and he'd grab the side of the bucket with his mouth and pull until the person could hold on no longer! There were empty buckets scattered all around his feet. Brandon was the first to experience the brute, but Matt was determined not to let the guy win.



We had fun pulling ahead after dealing with this guy and watching as the next car pulled up and had the bucket pulled from their window!

I thought this camel had rabies, but he was just eating a whole feed bucket, silly guy!

The exotic bird house:

Feeding the giraffes:

On the way back from the Safari Zoo, Brandon updated his status on Facebook about the experience. He later got a call from Aunt Michelle, and this is what we all got to experience listening to Brandon's side of the conversation in the Jeep:

"Hey, Mom did you see my Facebook status? Go on and look at it......... No, it's a 'Nah-zee'........... yeah, I got sneezed on by it....... No, a 'Nah-zeeee', that's how it's spelled, N-A-Z-I."

I looked at Matt and said, "A Nazi?"

Matt and I just looked at eachother and laughed, realizing that his Facebook status read, "I just got sneezed on by a Nazi". Brandon thought it was funny too :)

It was hilarious. We looked up the animal in the brochure from the zoo and saw that the animal was called an "Eland".

After the safari zoo, we went to the Toby Mac concert on campus. Toby Mac went to shool at Liberty, and he always gives a great concert. Opening for him was Skillet, a screamer/hard rock band that named themselves after a frying pan, and insists on playing very very loud. Their fire effects made us feel like we were in a skillet! Bryce and Brandon thought they were the best of the night. Mom, Matt and I liked the end of their last song the best.

Watiting for Toby Mac to come on!

Best quote of the week from Brandon at the Safari Zoo: "This is better than Grove City! Sorry, Matt."